Sunday, 20 December 2015

Encounters with Strangers #3

  • At Victoria train station, where all of these encounters seem to begin. Approaching the inferno that is the staircase to the underground.  A headphones-wearing passerby strides up the stairs as an eager jumper-wearing man descends. They get tangled up in one another, and momentarily stop on the stairs, trying to unwind. "I guess that opposite attract" Headphones says awkwardly. Jumper laughs, equally as awkwardly.

  • In a New York restaurant, having all you can drink Sangria. Unsurprisingly, need the toilet, and join the sprawling queue for the ladies as we watch men waltz into the doors across from us. "It's ridiculous", the woman in front of me suddenly spurts. "Urinals take up 3 times less space than ours!". "Freakin' patriarchy," another from the back chimes, and then the queue erupts into loud, drunk cackles of solidarity.

  • Still in New York, this time trying to get into the MoMA. I ask for an adult ticket. The seller laughs. "No, honey, you must be a student". Me, slightly indignant, assure him that I am an adult. He gestures to my camera, my well worn notebook and my foggy glasses. "In this get up, I'd think you're studious enough." I'm a bit pissed as he prints me a ticket, until I leave and check the price. He was letting me have the $2 discount.

  • Navigating the hell that is the Elephant & Castle roadworks. A guy is kicking a ball against the wall of the university building. It ricochets to the feet of a suited worker, who nonchalantly nutmegs himself and kicks it back, just as another walker appears, who does a brief keepy-uppy and kicks back to the original player. Everyone who has found themselves caught up in this game breathes an impressed sigh, before continuing on with avoiding the hardhats.

  • Walking through Southwalk, pass a bus stop, on a hot August day. A city boy leans against the pole, drinking milk. Directly from the carton.

  • Again, walking through Southwalk. A man at a crossing is on his laptop, with Google Maps open on the screen. Half perplexed, half impressed. 

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  1. This is such a beautiful series. Everyday live is so magical.